Rates & Reservations

Renting Creekside Commons in it’s totality is done on a case by case basis.

A minimum charge per night might be the equivalent of renting all three lodging (Cabin, Cottage, and Bungalow) facilities—approximately $450.00 per night. We encourage you to talk to one of us about what you might have in mind. You can be sure that we will do everything possible to help make your event successful.

Please tell us about your Retreat

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Guest Reviews

Cada – December 2018

“I love this spot. Its deliciously quiet in this sweet little cottage tucked up under the edge of the redwoods. The location is really lovely and I could feel and see the love and care that the various inhabitants of this wee community are giving to the land they share. I wanted to stay longer but it was a busy work time for me and this was a working weekend so I was gone during the days. I fantasize about staying here for a pure personal retreat some time and enjoying the place in a more leisurely manner.”