Our Retreat Center


The latest addition to Creekside Commons is our greenhouse–three years in the making. The project started as a collective dream to create something artistically inspirational. With the help of Ryan McCutchan’s amazing stone-masonry skills we have created a truly magical space, conducive to not only growing organic vegetables and flowers, but also inspiring poetry readings and original scripted performances on the Greenhouse Stage.  The greenhouse comfortably accommodates about 35 people.

Outdoor Kitchen/Common Area

A beautiful outdoor space for people to gather.  Guests are invited to prepare delicious meals in the outdoor cob oven and gather around the garden tables and firepit.  The outdoor kitchen area is in the garden and right next to the greenhouse making it easy for guests to move around and use all of these spaces.


We invite you to enjoy some of the bounty of our garden!  Humboldt county growing season allows us to have a plentiful summer and fall with salad greens, sweet peas, carrots, beets, zucchini, strawberries and raspberries fresh for the picking.  In the fall, the apples are ready for harvest and we all look forward to our annual community cider making gathering.  The garden rests through the late fall and winter and starts up again each year in the springtime.

The Studio

The studio is a 28′ x 32′ room attached to Tanya and Calder’s house.  We have hosted many events in the studio including artist in residencies, workshops, fundraisers, performances, dance parties and formal dinners.  This is a beautiful space with large widows overlooking the forest, wood floors and a masonry heater.  The studio has held as many as 50 people.


Guest Reviews

Cada – December 2018

“I love this spot. Its deliciously quiet in this sweet little cottage tucked up under the edge of the redwoods. The location is really lovely and I could feel and see the love and care that the various inhabitants of this wee community are giving to the land they share. I wanted to stay longer but it was a busy work time for me and this was a working weekend so I was gone during the days. I fantasize about staying here for a pure personal retreat some time and enjoying the place in a more leisurely manner.”